Documentary Sundays

Sundays is the perfect day for documentary watching! So I'm thinking from now on I will share with you one documentary every sunday.

The first documentary is Bill Cunningham New York (2010).

Bill Cunningham is a 84 years old street style photographer who's been riding a bike up and down the streets of New York for over half a century. His interest does not lie in celebrities or person status in live, it's the clothes he loves. I agree with Bill that "He who seeks beauty shall find it" and for him he finds his beauty and passion in the clothing of Manhattan. 

What makes Cunningham so special is how he lives. He doesn't take favours and is not remotely interested in money. He has worked for several of magazine trough his life but never accepted any payment for his work. So we wonder how the fuck does he do it? Well his lifestyle is very simple. He lives or lived in a small apartment in Carnegie Hall, (the documentary deals with the rehousing of tenants from the building). His bathroom is down the hall and he doesn't have any kitchen, like he says he takes no interest in food "I eat with my eyes". And even tough he has devoted his life in other people clothing his style is very modest. He cycle trough the city on a old bike wearing a street sweeper's jacket that has now become a Cunningham trademark.

I find Bill Cunningham's obsession with clothes very interesting and fascinating in many ways. He really does what he does out of pleasure and manages to keep doing exactly what he wants by never receiving any payment. Still it's quite sad how this seems to be his only pleasure in life…

I recommend that you all give yourself 85 minutes to look into the life of Bill Cunningham on this beautiful sunday… at least it's a beautiful sunday in Paris.