Documentary Sunday #2

It's documentary sunday! 

This semester I'm working on a project which has the subject "feeding the world". This is of course a very big and complicated subject that can be approached in so many ways. This week my research has mostly gone in to waste disposal and the large amount of food that we throw away. In the european union alone we throw more than 9 millions tons of food every year… So the documentary this sundays is a bit connected to all the research I have been doing.

The second documentary is Waste Land (2010)

Vik Muniz is a world known Brazilian artist that creates art out of trash. Waste Land follows him back to his homeland to a landfill that's said to be the largest dumping ground in the world, called Jardim Gramacho. This landfill was created in 1970 and a community formed around it. This community consisted of scavengers digging through the trash for resources focusing on recyclable materials that can be sold for profit. 

Muniz follows the life and story of several workers at the Jardim Gramach which are all paid about $20 a day. They tell the story of there family situation and how they became a pickers. After that he takes a photograph of theme that is blew up and then with the pickers help he follow the shadows of the photos with trash. Later photographs taking of the pieces are sold on auction and the proceeds given to the community. 

This documentary was interesting in many way. The situation at Jardim Gramacho was shocking, the workers were happy to be working there instead of prostitution or the drug world, which tell us a lot about the situation there. Vik Muniz work was good but there was just something missing in the documentary. It never really took my breath away and I'm not really convinced in the charity work… I still tough recommend watching it and I'm really interested in hearing what you think about it.